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Milk NXT chocolate bar

Vegan Milk Hazelnut Bar of chocolate 115g

Plant-based Vegan Milk Bars of chocolate with Hazelnuts - 115g. Free from Dairy, Soya, Gluten & Lactose. Callebaut 42.3% cocoa content.


    Loco About Cocoa's new additions are plant-based bars of milk chocolates with Hazelnuts 115g. They are suitable for Vegans & allergen sufferers. Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soya Free, and Lactose-Free. A newly developed range from Callebaut with allergen sufferers in mind, it has a 42.3% cocoa content.


    Please do not dispose of your chocolate products if they have been damaged in transit, as we may need them returned. Please contact us immediately. 

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