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Vanilla and amaretto white chocolate

Vanilla & Almond Ganache Chocolates

Vanilla & Almond Ganache Chocolates.

White handmade chocolates. White chocolate ganache infused with Vanilla & blended with an Almond Liqueur.

  • Reviews

    Al Hatch - 5 stars.

    Amazing chocolates. Look and taste good. It's like looking at a piece of art. I have given many as gifts and every time the recipient has remarked how beautiful they look and when I next see them or when they write a thank you, they remark on the taste and texture.
    Really, I am writing this review as an individual but it actually contains the reflective views of many.
    Apparently, they store well too, but mine have never had the chance to be tested as they are just too tempting and delicious to be saved!
    Praise must go to Adrian for not only his chocolatier skills but his helpfulness. Our daughter already has him earmarked for making her favours for her wedding. She's not even engaged yet so she loves the chocolates so much that it's part of her fairy tale day!

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