Signature Thank You Box of 16 Chocolates

Signature Thank You Box of 16 Chocolates

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Signature Thank You Box of 16

16 different flavours from Loco About Cocoa. The perfect way to say 'Thank You' and let them know you care.


    Plymouth Chocolates.


    Our Original Taster Selection,

    16 chocolates consist of 5 dark. 6 milk, 5 white.

    Dark Chocolates

    • Min. 54% Cocoa Solids
    • 1 x Whole Brazil Nut in a Brandy Ganache
    • 1 x Peppermint Fondant
    • 1 x Coffee Ganache flavoured with liqueur
    • 1 x Spiced Rum & Plump Raisin Ganache
    • 1 x Nibbed (small pieces) Honeycomb Ganache

    Milk Chocolates

    • Min 35% Cocoa Solids
    • 1 x Cherry, Walnut & Ginger Trio Ganache
    • 1 x Whiskey Crème Ganache
    • 1 x Hazelnut & Sea Salt Caramel
    • 1 x Hazelnut Praline
    • 1 x Creme Caramel Ganache
    • 1 x Milk Nibbed (small Pieces) Honeycomb Ganache

    White Chocolates

    • 28% Cocoa Solids 
    • 1 x Citrus Notes of Lemon Ganache
    • 1 x Fragrant Mango Puree Ganache
    • 1 x Tropical Coconut & White Rum Ganache
    • 1 x Vanilla & Almond Liqueur Ganache
    • 1 x Raspberry Puree Ganache

    (You can select your preferred 4 extra chocolates in the comments section during check out.)

    Place your chocolates in a drawer away from direct hot or cold sources and they will remain in stunning condition.


    Boxes Contain:


    Dairy - Milk & Cream


    Fresh Fruits

    Locally Sourced Fresh Ingredients

    Personalized Message Option.


    Boxes will have at least 4 weeks shelf life.


    If your items are damaged, contact us immediately do not dispose of the products as we might need them returned - depending on the issue.

  • Reviews

    Claire Otton - 5 stars.

    We've recently enjoyed a Loco about Cocoa workshop with was fantastic! He imparts his knowledge in a friendly, easy to follow way and it's fascinating to be involved in all the different stages of the chocolate making...and to fully appreciate how much effort goes into it too! Adrian is really knowledgeable and passionate about his chocolate and, as a result, you end up with an amazing box of luxury handmade chocolates which taste out of this world! Adrian was also able to cater for different allergies/intolerance's. All in all a fantastic experience that we'd highly recommend! Hoping to book another workshop soon!