Box of 6 gift chocolates

'Six of One' Gift Box of Chocolates

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'Six of One' Gift Box of Chocolates.

6 of our beautiful chocolates from our gift box range. Perfect accompaniment to a glass of your favourite tipple.



      Handmade Plymouth Chocolates.


      The Original Taster Selection

      6 of the Original 12 chocolates

      2 dark, 2 milk, 2 white

      Dark Chocolates

      • Min. 54% Cocoa Solids
      • Peppermint Fondant
      • Spiced Rum & Plump Raisin

      Milk Chocolates

      • Min 35% Cocoa Solids
      • Hazelnut Praline
      • Sea Salt Caramel

      White Chocolates

      • 28% Cocoa Solids
      • Tropical Coconut & White Rum 
      • Vanilla & Amaretto


      Boxes Contain:


      Dairy - Milk & Cream


      Fresh Fruits

      Locally Sourced Fresh Ingredients

      Personalized Message Option.

      Place your boxes of chocolates in a drawer, keep them away from direct cold/heat sources and they will stay in perfect condition.

      All our boxes of chocolates will have at least 4 weeks shelf life.


      If your chocolates are damaged in any way contact us immediately. Please do not dispose of them just in case we need them returned.

    • Reviews

      ​Steve Lowes - 5 stars.

      Fantastic chocolate presents, beautifully made and attractively packaged. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!