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Deluxe Sharer Box of 36 Treats

Deluxe Sharer Box of 36 Treats

Deluxe Sharer Box of 36 Treats

A selection of our 15 different flavoured handmade chocolates using Milk, Dark and White Belgian callets.


    Plymouth Chocolates.

    Some of our chocolates use liqueurs to flavour the centres, they are not burst in the mouth alcohol and sugar liqueurs but soft chocolate ganache's.


    Our Original Taster Selection.

    36 chocolates consist of  2 of each centre from our full range of 15, plus 6 random chocolates

    Dark Chocolates

    • Min. 54% Cocoa Solids
    • Spiced Rum & Plump Raisin Ganache
    • Coffee Ganache flavoured with liqueur
    • Mojito
    • Peppermint Fondant

    Milk Chocolates

    • Min 35% Cocoa Solids
    • Passion Fruit
    • Hazelnut & Caramel
    • Irish Cream Ganache
    • Creme Caramel Liqueur Ganache
    • Hazelnut Praline
    • Milk Honeycomb Ganache

    White Chocolates

    • 28% Cocoa Solids 
    • Citrus Notes of Lemon Ganache
    • Tropical Coconut & White Rum Ganache
    • Fragrant Mango Puree Ganache
    • Raspberry Ganache.
    • Vanilla & Almond Liqueur Ganache


    Boxes Contain:


    Dairy - Milk & Cream


    Fresh Fruits

    Locally Sourced Fresh Ingredients

    Personalized Message Option.

    Place your chocolates in a drawer away from direct hot or cold sources and they will remain in stunning condition.



    If you have receive damaged goods please contact us straight away. (do not dispose of the the items as we may need them returned).

Blue 36: blue
Red 36: red
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