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Who is Loco About Cocoa?

Meet Adrian

My name is Adrian and I served a 25 year career in the Royal Marines before becoming a chocolatier. A complete contrast from travelling the world working in harsh and demanding environments to creating beautiful handmade chocolates.

It was during my final 5-years as an instructor in a cookery school for the Royal Navy, that I learnt the art of chocolate making. My service was completed in 2015 and I set up Loco About Cocoa. I started with chocolate lessons, before specialising in boxed chocolates

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Loco About Cocoa

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The name 'Loco About Cocoa', was derived from several friends and followers on social media. Following lots of fantastic suggestions this was a clear favourite of mine. 

My business tag line 'Too Pretty to Eat' came about after years of people making that very comment at events when they first saw the chocolates. Loco About Cocoa has flourished due to amazing customers who've become friends, their love for chocolate and a passion to support a local business.

Where did it all begin?

The Mango in a half sphere shape was the very first chocolate I made. The in-depth translucent shine and bright colours inspired me to create a box of unique chocolates.

I decided to specialize in sharer gift boxes and managed to include every indulgence possible, nuts, cream, fruits, sugars, dairy and alcohol.

I'm developing a new range for allergen sufferers, which will be free from dairy, gluten, soya and lactose will be ready in 2023.

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I use Callebaut and Veliche chocolate callets for their rich smooth creamy textures and their appeal to a wide range of people’s tastes.  Callebaut in particular is leading the way in Fair trade, Sustainable and Ethically sourced ingredients.

I use locally sourced fresh ingredients where possible, free from any additives and flavourings, the only preservative I use is a splash or 2 of alcohol. They have a 3 month shelf life(tested), during the summer I only put 1 month on them to ensure they are at their very best.

Chocolate Workshops

Chocolate making workshops is one of my passions, they are a great way to bring people together with no chocolate making experience and to take them through each process step by step until they have made their very own.

Passing on some of the knowledge I have gained over the years is extremely satisfying, and has it's very own challenges. It's also a nice way to show people just how much time and effort goes into making chocolates and what makes us unique from mass producers.

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Although being an independent chocolatier comes with a constant stream of challenges, these are over shadowed with every box I make.


Even to this day, just before I close each and every completed box, I give them one final quality control check and they always make me smile.

When I stop smiling, that will be the day I hang up my thermometer. Until then, I will continue to bring you beautiful chocolates to share with your loved ones for all your special occasions.

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