Loco About Cocoa

Learn the Art of Making Handmade Chocolates

We are not taking anymore workshop bookings until mid September due to the hot weather - tempering chocolate can be problematic unless it's conducted in a cool environment.


We are offering you a unique experience to share a chocolate workshop with friends in Plymouth and surrounding areas. It could be a birthday, a hen afternoon or just friends spending time together. You will keep everything you create. What doesn't fit inside the presentation box you will just have to eat.


What you need to host your chocolate workshop ​- enough working space for us to gather around, we don't need lots of space, cosy is fine. A cool room – chocolate doesn’t like warm environments. Perhaps turn the radiator off an hour or so before we start the workshop). An empty shelf in your fridge to place the moulds in for 10 minutes, this will contract the chocolates and help to remove them from the moulds. ​Protective covers for the areas we will be working in – chocolate can be quite difficult to remove from fabrics/carpets. ​Prosecco for you and your friends!


Our professional chocolatier Adrian will bring: All of the stores & equipment required. Additional 6' tables can be supplied if required please mention on the inquiry form. Belgian callets ready to temper, we use white chocolate as the colours can be incredible when they are turned out. Pre-made fillings – we can discuss the choices prior to the event. Presentation boxes and petit four for each person to hold your 24 chocolates, you will make 28, that's 4 to be eaten straight away, or quality control as i like to call it. ​What ever you make is yours to eat, share or gift. You will be given easy to follow step by step demonstrations on each process – polishing, colouring, mould lining with the chocolate, filling the centres, base covering and unmoulding your chocolates. No experience is required. Plastic aprons and gloves will be provided.


Time - The workshop will take between 2 to 3 hours depending on the group size, with 15 minutes to set up.


Cost - £35 per person for groups of between 2 & 6 people. Groups of 5 the host will receive a small gift as a thank you for hosting. Groups of 6, the host will receive their workshop Free. ​


One to One chocolate making workshop - £50. During this workshop we can cover everything listed above or cover specific elements that you would like to learn. This will take between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We can discuss exactly what you would like to achieve prior to the workshop. Your handmade chocolates will keep for several weeks and would definitely be a talking point if you invited friends over to dine.


Area - within 30 minutes drive of Plymouth.


Allergens ​- You will be provided with a list of allergens for each chocolate filling selected upon request.

If you have any questions at all please contact Adrian from Loco About Cocoa and he will get in touch as soon as possible. Don't forget to like and follow our Chocolate Workshops events on Facebook, we publish events with details of chocolate workshops and venues.

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